Sandra Taube-Godard

Managing Director, Private Capital / ESG

Sandra Taube Godard is a Managing Director with Clariti Strategic AdvisorsTM and leads the Private Capital and ESG practices. Sandra has close to three decades of experience in the financial services sector in Canada, having spent considerable time with the Canadian divisions of global firms such as UBS Securities, Wells Fargo Securities, Barclays Capital, HSBC Securities, Gen Re Securities, Bank of Montreal, and Scotiabank. Sandra is actively involved in giving back to the community with her additional philanthropic work including grassroots causes and the recently founded, XFactor National Womens’ Health Research Foundation. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. Sandra was recruited for the Advisory Board by Andrew Edgell in 2016.