How will my donation make a difference?

Right To Play reaches 1.9 million children weekly in 15 countries around the world. Your contribution will help unlock the potential in girls and boys and infuse them with the education and life skills needed to rise above challenges and succeed in learning and life.

What is Right To Play?

Play is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to use play to educate, empower and protect children and young people to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities. We help children rise above these adversities.

How does Right To Play implement their programs?

Play builds life skills like confidence and courage. It helps break down barriers that hold girls back and empower them to learn and lead. We train teachers to use play-based learning to create safe and supportive environments in our five core pillars:

- Education

- Gender Equality

- Health

- Child Protection

- Peace

What does a monthly donations entail?

When you become a monthly donor you’ll be donating a set sum every month which goes to support Right To Play programs. Your support will contribute each week towards giving children in our programs protection, education and empowerment through play.

Regular monthly gifts mean a consistent, predictable income so we can plan and budget better, making us more efficient. There are benefits for you too. A regular gift is a hassle-free way to donate, while knowing that you are helping to improve the lives of children rise above adversities, in the long term.

How are my donations spent?

From protecting and educating children, to empowering boys and girls to rise above adversity, you can be sure your donations will go where the need is greatest and will make a lasting difference. 85% of all our fundraising goes towards our work to improve children’s lives.

What is your legal name and BN/charitable registration number?

Our legal name is Right To Play International and our BN/charitable registration number is 88880 4218 RR0001.