The COVID-19 pandemic will devastate places where health systems are already fragile, physical distancing is impossible, and economies and social safety nets are weak. Children are particularly vulnerable in a crisis like this one. School shut-downs and economic hardship puts kids at risk of sickness, child labour, and early marriage.

Many children who have fought hard to go to school may never be able to return.

Right To Play is applying our expertise from the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia to today’s crisis. Before physical distancing was put in place, we were able to teach 33,000 kids proper handwashing techniques that will help keep them and their families safe through the crisis. As stay-at-home orders rolled out, we’ve shifted to remote programming, and are now reaching children in all 15 countries where we operate.

Your support makes a difference

Your support can help us to:

  1. Keep children safe and healthy: We’re reaching children at home through online methods, radio, TV, and direct outreach to teach them essential handwashing, social distancing, and hygiene practices that can prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  2. Keep children learning: We're delivering life skills and educational games directly to kids in the home. We’re also training teachers and coaches in how to support children through and after the crisis, and collaborating with ministries of education on the development of distance learning curriculum.
  3. Keep children mentally strong: Supporting children’s mental health throughout this crisis is crucial for their recovery. We must ensure that the children we work with can return to their education and their lives in a meaningful and productive way after the crisis is over, and help their communities rebuild. We’re using our experience working with children in conflict-affected areas to develop and deliver health and psychosocial support activities aimed at children and their parents.
Supporting Indigenous communities

Your support will have an impact around the world, and right here in Canada in more than 85 Indigenous communities. Watch the video below to find out more about how we're responding in Canada.

We need to support children now so they can help their communities recover and rebuild stronger than ever in the future. In 15 countries, including Canada, we have the expertise, the partnerships, and the teams to make that happen.

The pandemic threatens to undo a lot of the work that Right To Play has done over the past 20 years. We can’t let that happen.

The power of play in a time of crisis
"The damage [in the global south] will far outweigh the impact on the rest of the world, for a much longer time." - Kevin Frey, CEO Right To Play
Country-specific responses
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