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PLAY at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne



The documentary highlights children in Lebanon who grow up under difficult circumstances, but who, despite these, have hope and are motivated to shape their own lives.

We had the opportunity for a film screening on 24 May 2023 at The Olympic Museum. It was an evening where the guests experienced the power of play from a new perspective and hearing voices from the Right To Play projects.

The documentary film was made in cooperation with our long-time partner the International Ski Federation FIS, Etienne Claret, who gave the documentary a special touch with his filming skills and our ambassador Pat Burgener. The professional snowboarder not only shares his conviction for play-based education for children with Right To Play, but has Lebanese roots himself; he is therefore familiar with Lebanon and the context in which the children grow up. In this documentary we accompany children in Lebanon who visit Right To Play projects, experience their reality and how they can gain courage and hope through different forms of play. FIS also provides the opportunity for the children to enjoy a day of play in the snow, where they break out of their harsh everyday life, discover new things and even learn how to jump over their own shadow alongside other children.

With the ticket donations we can implement programs like the ones shown in the film. Thanks to the support, we enable numerous children to take a step towards a better future.

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