MyBlueprint is an innovator in educational software, with over 300 school boards across Canada using their products. So when it came time to figure out how they could give back to the community, they wanted something as innovative as they are. That’s why they chose the Today We Play Challenge, a fun 30 day fitness and fundraising challenge in support of Right To Play.

“Today We Play’s aim to create a more active and fun workplace while helping youth rise above adversity aligns directly with our company's vision and employee values,” says Daphnee Morin, Partner Success Manager at MyBlueprint.

“I’ve gotten a lot closer with some people… being able to do this with people from different teams has brought people together,” – Sean Baergen, Software Developer
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The office organized into four teams with members drawn from each department, and set fundraising goals for each team. Each week, there was a welcoming and inclusive challenge for each team, with one of the highlights being a dance challenge where each team showed off their dance skills to their favourite music.

Mixing up the teams meant employees had the chance to get to know people they might not otherwise. Even remote employees participated, sending in videos of them dancing so they could join the rest of the team. With simple and fun activities, everyone could participate regardless of their fitness level.

Making the fundraising fun was just as easy. “We set a realistic and attainable goal, which was for every employee to raise $75 dollars… As the challenge went on, we sent messages of encouragement to all employees through our online messaging system every 3 days to thank everyone for fundraising and reminding them of our goal,” says Daphnee.

“We’ve really embraced it as a whole company. Everyone is involved, even some of the people who are newest or the most shy. Even our CEO is involved... If he’s doing it then I can do it! … It’s been so fun!” – Meredith Melvin, Support Coordinator

When you register for the Today We Play Corporate Challenge, you're joining a team of passionate Canadians who are working together to change children's lives around the world and at home in Canada. Not only will you have the chance to get active and have fun with your colleagues, but the funds you raise will bring Right To Play programming to more than one million children worldwide!

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