It's Time to Play Your Part


Play Your Part 2019 is here! Are you an educator or a student? Want to get involved? Register today so your school can participate in an incredible, free initiative that teaches gender equality, global citizenship and student leadership using the universal language of play!

Play Your Part is an interactive experience for students in grades 3 through 8 that demonstrates how play based learning can enhance education through a three-part process.

First, Assembly, a presentation about challenges that children face globally and how they are using play to learn lessons about healthy living, building peaceful communities and empowering girls.

Second, Workshop, where students are trained as Junior Leaders to lead games and discussions with their peers on topics covered in the program. Junior Leaders learn valuable leadership skills that empower them.

Assembly and Workshop take a single day, and are available to schools in Calgary, Ottawa-Gatineau, Metro Vancouver, and the Greater Toronto Area.

Finally, Challenge, where Junior Leaders use their new skills to organize a student-run day of play and fundraising using inclusive games. Junior Leaders also lead deep discussions with their peers where they reflect, connect and apply the lessons they’ve learned to topics in the program.

In 2019, Challenge is scheduled nation-wide for May 17th, 2019. Flexible scheduling is available for schools requiring accommodation.

Want to know more? Visit the Play Your Part website to learn how you can participate in this incredible Canada-wide initiative!

In 2018, Right To Play launched the Gender Responsive Education and Transformation (GREAT) program with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada. Active in three countries, Ghana, Mozambique and Rwanda, GREAT uses Right To Play's play-based learning approach to remove barriers to education, especially for girls, and to build teacher capacity to improve learning outcomes.

Play Your Part is part of the GREAT program.