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Play At Home: Body Balance


This is a fun game where you have to balance parts of your body! At Right To Play, we use play to teach important life lessons and skills in ways that engage children and youth of all ages. All our games include a Reflect-Connect-Apply (RCA) section that reinforces the lesson or skill that the game is designed to teach through a guided discussion with the participants.

  • Ages: suitable for all ages
  • Goal of the game: stay active by developing body coordination
  • What You Need: 1 or more players

How To Play
  1. Call out different body parts (ex. two hands and one foot, one elbow and two knees).
  2. Players place those body parts on the floor to balance themselves.
  3. The balanced positions must be held for at least three seconds.
  4. Let the players have a few tries to master the position.
  5. Take it in turns to let each player suggest a balance.
  • Which position was difficult to perform and why?
  • Why should we all stay active when we are inside our homes?