The Digital Games Manual (DGM) is a library of online training videos that provides youth leaders, educators and community-based youth workers with demonstrations of some of Right To Play, youth and Community Mentors’ (CMs) favourite games and activities.

The project commenced in August 2017 with the immediate goal of creating a digital library of games and activities for CMs to use in their PLAY programs. The idea was inspired directly by CMs, who consistently identified the benefits of a digital version of the original text-based PLAY Games Manual, in order to increase their own access to and comprehension of Right To Play resources.

As an audio-visual demonstration tool, the DGM aims to better support the varying learning styles of partners who run the PLAY program. The DGM can be easily accessed and engaged with online, allowing for users to share feedback and ideas with each other. Since the DGM began, many CMs have confirmed that the audio-visual demos have greatly increased training comprehension, and even saved time when program planning.

PLAY Winter 2018-19 Seasonal Report

This year, with the integral support of Indigenous Services Canada, Right To Play was able to create 30+ new videos to build on CMs’ knowledge and skills around programs that are inclusive, developmentally appropriate and provide modification options. In this way, CMs can continue to positively challenge children and youth to grow their skills through participation in play-ful learning.

"Great idea! I love having access to a resource that shows me how to do an activity in real time." – Community Mentor, Ontario

Right To Play would like to thank Archipelago Productions Inc. for their work with us on expanding and professionalizing the DGM library. Archipelago Productions is an expert in video creation with extensive experience working with children and youth. They have worked together with some of our Toronto-area partners to produce these videos. In the months to come, we are very excited to release these videos, which span games, activities and educational content from the PLAY program. Check out the video below for a sneak-peek!