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Transforming Lives Through Play with Mastermind Toys

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Since 2021, Mastermind Toys has supported Right To Play and the PLAY Program through their namesake brand of toys and games via their Play Guides. This year, we are thrilled to announce that Mastermind Toys is donating over $25,000 to the Promoting Life-Skills In Aboriginal Youth (PLAY) program, totaling over $55,000 raised since 2021!

We are so grateful for their commitment to supporting play opportunities to help even more Indigenous youth achieve their full potential. Thank you to the generous support of their customers and employees during the campaign. Together, we’re helping kids from coast to coast to coast overcome barriers and thrive through play.

At the heart of our collaboration with Mastermind Toys is a shared recognition of the transformative power of play in shaping positive foundations for children and youth. Together, we hold a common goal of inspiring generations of lifelong learners through the power of play. Through play, children and youth explore the world around them, develop crucial life skills, and fuel their curiosities and passions in delightful and engaging ways.

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We’re also excited to highlight that all Mastermind Toys store locations have begun displaying land acknowledgements to encourage learning about Indigenous presence, past and present, for kids and families who visit in-store. This initiative fosters an environment where kids and families can learn about the rich history and ongoing presence of Indigenous Peoples on this land.

Mastermind Toys' dedication to supporting reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island is commendable, as they actively inspire learning about the profound heritage of this land while fostering the development of Indigenous youth through play.

Once again, a sincere thank you to Mastermind Toys for being an ally in our mission to create a brighter future for Indigenous youth through the joy of play. Together, we are making a real and lasting difference in the lives of countless young individuals, and we look forward to continued collaboration and impact in the years to come.