If you have kids at home right now, you may be looking for games and activities to keep them busy and engaged during isolation. We have some suggestions!

For 20 years, we've been using the power of play in all of its forms to teach children how to protect themselves from disease and illness and to build the resilience they need to stay healthy in mind and body.

We've adapted some of our games so you can play them at home with your children. There are games that teach why hand-washing and physical distancing are important; games that act as a release valve for stress and anxiety; and stress that help kids learn and stay active.

We hope you find them useful and fun. We'll be releasing more games on a weekly basis, so check back often, or sign-up below to get new games when they're released.

The #PowerOfPlay Sweeps Across The Country
Rosie MacLennan, Olympian and one of our Ambassadors, tells Lindsay Dunn from CityNews about the importance of staying active during the COVID-19 pandemic, and shares some creative ways to get kids moving and thinking while they are stuck at home.