The 2019 TCS New York City Marathon was a big success for Right To Play USA. With seven participants including former Super Bowl Champion Usama Young and Right To Play Norway National Director Jimmy Vika, the team raised $27,456.74 for the children in our classrooms and playgrounds. Young played in the NFL as a Defensive Back from 2007-2015, winning a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints. He also played for the Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders, and was the Oakland Raiders NFLPA Representative. He now works in Player Engagement for the League.

“I was made aware of Right To Play a couple of years ago, and the organization immediately resonated with me,” Young said. “Their mission to empower youth through play and sports rang true with exactly what I try to do - guiding young people, helping them to see the value their lives have, and showing others the value of young folks in our lives. Now, I'm not a marathon guy. I've never been a marathon guy! But understanding the cause and how important it is, in the long run, matters much more to me than my own comfort. I'm all for it. I want to help to bring more awareness to people about Right To Play and all they do across the world."

Young also founded his own nonprofit organization, Believe in U, to provide mentoring services to young people, through football and cheerleading camps and college tours.