Born in Canada but living in Switzerland, Stefanie Buettner was taking on the world’s longest and toughest horse race known as the Mongol Derby in support of Right To Play in August 2022.

Inspired by the Genghis Khan's original "pony express," 40 international competitors ride approximately 25 horses across 1,000 km of Mongolian wilderness in less than 10 days. During that time, riders fend entirely for themselves, navigating across the steppe with no marked trails and taking shelter with Mongolian herdsmen along the route or camping alone with their horse at night.

The horses that are provided for Derby competitors have all been introduced to a saddle and bridle, but their level of training and comfort around humans varies widely. As a result, this adventure is notoriously difficult to complete, with only half of competitors making it across the finish line.

Mongol Derby 2022

Stefanie has decided to take on this physical and mental challenge to test her horsemanship, celebrate her 30th birthday on August 19th and to raise funds for Right To Play. Sport has always been close to her heart and so she completed her Master’s in Sport Administration from the "International Academy of Sport Science and Technology" in Lausanne and has also been involved with the Toronto 2015 Pan-American Games, the "Fédération Équestre Internationale" and "Equestrian Canada". For this reason, she understands the power of sport to change lives and is looking forward to continue her support of Right To Play's mission.

"This race is my life's Mount Everest. A challenge so insane, so huge, so gruelling that it will take all of me to get to that finish line." Stefanie

For every Swiss Franc donated, half will be collected for Right To Play with a fundraising goal of CHF 7,500 while the other half will be collected in order to support the derby entrance fee, training, travel and equipment to compete in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.