The movie "Do You Remember Me?" documents the story of Sara Aduse, who was circumcised as a seven-year-old in Ethiopia. As a young adult, the Zurich native decides to visit her circumciser to find her inner peace. During her journey, Sara discovers that girls are still being circumcised in Ethiopia, despite a government ban. Sara decides to fight against female circumcision through education. "Do You Remember Me?" is a documentary about human rights. But also a film about pain and loss of trust as well as forgiveness and mindfulness.

The film was nominated for the "Opera Prima" award at the Solothurn Film Festival. The film was also selected for the Impact Days of the Film Festival and Forum for Human Rights FIFDH in Geneva and nominated by the Berlin Indie Film Festival in the category Best Documentary. It is also nominated for the SR Socially Relevant™ Film Festival NY and won the awards for "Best Documentary" and "Best Cinematography" of the 17th International Women in Film Festival of Vancouver.

As an official partner, we recommend the film for its documentary achievement and exposure of the stigma of female genital mutilation. The film takes a powerful yet sensitive approach without diabolizing traditions, world views or characters.

The decisive factor for the partnership with 20 Minuten and the promotion of the film is the fact that combating the illegal practice of female genital mutilation covers two of our areas of impact: namely child protection and gender equality. In addition, Ethiopia is one of our project countries where we are actively and continuously working to keep girls in school to prevent them from becoming victims of this practice.

"Do you remember me?" poster

Our work in the field of girls' physical and mental integrity:

In our programs we build girls’ confidence by encouraging their full participation in all aspects of life. Girls join Child Rights Clubs and learn to challenge stereotypes and harmful practices that limit their choices and their futures. The clubs empower them to make decisions for themselves. With that knowledge and confidence, girls do better in school, missing fewer days of school and becoming more likely to graduate.

Right To Play-trained teachers actively include girls as leaders in classroom activities. We advise local educational authorities on how to reduce the effects of early pregnancy, child marriage and gender-based discrimination on girls’ educations, and help them build sanitary facilities to reduce the number of days of school adolescent girls miss due to menstruation.

We challenge community leaders to stand up for girls and speak out against their abuse, exploitation and neglect. We educate parents on the harm that discrimination can have on their daughters’ futures. We teach boys that girls are their equals and build positive ideas about what it means to be a man. With peers, parents and community leaders supporting them, girls can more easily fully participate and lead in their societies.

Together with 20 Minuten as a significant player in the media landscape, we hope to inform people and optimally move them to action. A clear film recommendation: "Do you remember me?" is streaming in cinemas since 31st of March.