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Harnessing Technology to Empower Children

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Microsoft Philanthropies is committed to advancing a future that is for everyone. They take pride in investing in their greatest assets – their technology, people, grants, and voice - to propel humanity forward and ensure the benefits of technology are accessible to all. That’s why they make an incredible partner for Right To Play’s mission to protect, educate, and empower children to rise above adversity using the power of play.

Microsoft’s philanthropic support has been helping Right To Play drive program impact and increase staff efficiency since 2010. Tools like Business Central, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint have helped our global organization to collaborate across time zones and geographic boundaries, and have played a crucial role in Right To Play's ability to shift to remote working as a result of COVID-19.

Most recently, Right To Play has adopted Microsoft’s Fundraising Engagement built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to help propel its fundraising. The solution has made it possible for Right To Play to track donations in real time, increase the quality of donor reporting and, most importantly, spend less time on manual process and more time and resources on advancing its mission and providing effective programs for vulnerable children around the world.

“Because of Fundraising Engagement built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Right To Play is going to be able to expand the reach of our programs and, over the next five to ten years, expand to many more countries and impact the lives of many more vulnerable children.” - Kevin Frey, CEO, Right To Play International.

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Not only do Microsoft’s technological solutions and tools support Right To Play’s global team in increasing efficiency and driving program impact, their exceptional work in the field of community investment and leadership in responsible corporate citizenship made the company an ideal partner for Right To Play’s Promoting Life-skills in Aboriginal Youth (PLAY) program in Canada.

In 2015, the Microsoft Corporation came on board as a founding partner for the PLAY program’s expansion into British Columbia. Through year-round, weekly programming, PLAY works with local community partners to promote holistic community wellness with a focus on healthy children and youth development. To do this, Right To Play trains young Indigenous leaders who engage local youth with proven play-based learning activities. These activities are designed by child development and educational experts to use play-based approaches to promote educational outcomes, health practices, and life-skills development for children.

Thanks to Microsoft’s support, the expansion to British Columbia brought hope, increased self-esteem, enhanced leadership skills, broadened future employment opportunities and strengthened community cohesion to more than 25 Indigenous communities in western Canada. Since 2015, the program has reached an average of 1,300 Indigenous children and youth and 1,100 community members each year in British Columbia.

“Microsoft is proud to provide the innovative technology that will allow Right To Play to continue building on the remarkable success and growth of PLAY programs across Canada,” said Justin Spelhaug, Microsoft Vice President and Head of Tech for Social Impact. “Our mission is to deliver tools that are as responsive to Right To Play’s needs as this inspiring organization is to the communities they serve.”

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