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Help children around the world rise above the effects of poverty, war, disease and inadequate education. Give the gift of play to help them unlock their potential and find their way back to hope.


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play saves lives

Right To Play empowers the children in our programs to rise above barriers, discover possibilities, and find a way back to hope. We harness one of the most powerful and fundamental forces in every child’s life, the power of play. Our programs protect, educate, and empower children to heal from the harsh realities of war and abuse, to change their behavior and protect themselves from disease, to go to school, graduate and create a better future.

Play keeps children in school and out of work. It helps them overcome challenges that could rob them of their dignity, their promise and put them at risk. Play teaches them how to prevent disease and resolve conflicts, and gives them the confidence to dismantle barriers and create opportunities where often there are none.

Help Them Rise