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Coffee Beans meet Right To Play


Together with Caffé Carlito, we are looking forward to bringing the variety of their aromatic beans to the runners of B2Run. In one part of the six runs in six different cities in Switzerland, we will pack the beans in our starter bags.

Here's to a collaboration that will lead to a cornerstone to protect, educate and empower children.

A partnership that has already existed for two years and has been crowned from the beginning with the "Right To Play Ticino Blend". Caffé Carlito has completely realigned itself to meet and shape international corporate social responsibility standards. They believe that traditional CSR is not enough to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For every kilogram of "Ticino" coffee blend sold, Caffé Carlito donates CHF 0.50 to Right To Play. Caffé Carlito customers are free to choose to donate an additional CHF 0.50 per kilogram to support Right To Play's work in 15 countries.


The roastery Caffé Carlito was started in 1965 by Carlo Schillig in Locarno, with a 12 kg electric roasting machine. Today the company from Losone is present all over Switzerland. It is now managed by the second generation with Daniele Schillig, who maintains the same philosophy, focusing on high quality and artisan production.