Canada’s next generation; uniting to transform the lives of children using the power of play.

What is the Playmakers movement?

Play is an important pillar of childhood – for learning, creative expression, and growth. Sometimes we forget that it has a role for adults too.

The Playmakers movement brings together young professionals across Canada to unite in play, while empowering children around the world to do the same.

How it works - you play. They play.
  • The Playmakers membership gives you access to exclusive well-being events, every month. From yoga classes to beach volleyball tournaments, boot-camps to group meditation sessions, the membership helps you get active, connect through play and join a community of people who want to change the future for more children.
  • Every month, you’ll receive an invite to the next exclusive Playmakers event. Sign up online and attend for free. Plus bring along a friend and they’ll receive a hefty discount too.
  • 100% of membership costs will support Right to Play in their mission to protect, education and empower children to rise above adversity, using the power of play.
“Playmakers has been such a fun experience. Great events and a fun group of people - and best of all, I know it's going to a great cause." - Hilary, Playmaker since 2018
Join the Playmakers today

Sign up to the Playmakers membership for $25 a month and you’ll receive invites to exclusive well-being events.


$25 is enough to send a child like Solange to a play-centred, after-school club for six months. Every week, clubs like this are helping children find their voices and claim their rights to equality, dignity and safety. It helped Solange build her confidence, reconnect with school friends and process the trauma of becoming pregnant against her will at the age of 13.

Play is a powerful thing. Watch Solange’s full story below.

With your help, we can empower more children around the world to rise above adversity using the power of play.

Your membership supports Right To Play

Every month, your membership will help to support more children like Solange to rise above adversity using the power of play.

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