Gender Equality​

Whether keeping girls in school or safe from sexual exploitation, our educational games are enabling girls to overcome obstacles to achievement.

In the communities we work, gender inequality remains a serious issue. Cultural norms and traditions can perpetuate discrimination and stereotypes for women and girls. Barriers to education, the threat of violence, gaps in reproductive health knowledge and social exclusion are among the many challenges facing women and girls--and issues we tackle through our educational programs.

We have developed thousands of games to promote inclusion and support the rights of every child. Using games and activities, we combine fun with learning so children can connect and apply this knowledge to their wider life experiences. Our games, like Mosquito Tag, Condom Relay and Infection Protection, all deliver tried-and-tested approaches with powerful outcomes. 

We involve parents, schools, community leaders and regional authorities to implement child-centred, gender-sensitive learning strategies that are proven to transform girls' prospects. It is part of a holistic approach that also involves working with boys and men to fundamentally change grassroots attitudes, values and beliefs about the role of women and girls in society.

Levelling the playing field

Of the millions of children we reach every year, nearly 50% are girls and 54% of our Coaches are female. Participation in our programs improve their life chances by em​powering them to stay in school, safeguard their health, develop leadership skills, speak up for themselves and gain self-confidence. This is also nurturing a new generation of young women to become role models--active citizens that contribute to their communities equally with boys and men.

School girls learn their sexual rights
Kids in class

We train local teac​hers and community leaders to m​ake education fun so that kids are excited to learn and are engaged in their lessons.

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Little girl peace sign

​The joy of play transcends ethnic, cultural and historical divides. When children play together, they learn skills to live peacefully.

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Washing hands

Our games and activities teach children important life-saving lessons, like how to wash their hands and use a mosquito net.

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